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New McCarren Pool Revealed in a Bootleg Kind of Way

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For those curious about what the new McCarren Pool will look like, we have this rendering shown at a Community Board 1 meeting in Williamsburg last night and photographed by a Curbed Correspondent. It's sort of like what the Rogers Marvel plan would look like if someone bought a bootleg version of it sold out of a shopping bag on Canal Street, but it does give an idea of what it will look like in a few years. As we noted last week, the new pool covers about 70 percent of the area of the old one. The diving pool will be recreated with a board 12 1/2 feet hight. The pool will be "resorty" with umbrellas and tables. There will be cafes "catering to different price points." The Parks Department says it's looking for new concert space in "other parks" and on the waterfront. Anyone with a non-bootleg rendering, can contact, where operators are standing by.
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