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Moynihan Station Gang May Want Port Authority's Cash

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The Moynihan Station plan may have recently found itself in a bit of trouble, but the massive urban planning project still has one thing going for it: at least the Port Authority isn't involved! Unfortch, that may not be the case for much longer. To close the gap on that pesky $1 billion budget shortfall, the developers may recruit the bi-state agency/bureaucratic sinkhole to come aboard and contribute some cash and bonds, the Sun reports. The Related Companies' Steve Ross denied that any such negotiations were going on, but oopsie, a state development official said he was "aware of discussions between the developers and the Port Authority." Steve, you gotta return your calls, buddy! The situation is dicey because Governor Spitzer doesn't want to cede any control over the project, but we all know there's no way of getting something this huge done without the involvement of at least half a dozen or so inept government agencies. Hey, maybe the Moynihan Station/Penn Station renovation/new Madison Square Garden will run as smoothly as the new World Trade Center!
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