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Toll Brothers Big Gowanus Project Revealed

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The Toll Brothers have finally shown their hand in Gowanus. The rendering above appears in a "scoping" document to get two blocks in Gowanus rezoned ahead of the rest of the neighborhood as a "special mixed use district." The project would include 577 units of housing, 2,000 square feet of retail and 2,000 square feet of community space on three acres, among other things. The property between the Canal, Bond Street, Carroll Street and Second Street. Buildings would be 4-12 stories in height, with the tallest structure (125 feet) being near the canal. The project would total 605,380 square feet and include 260 underground parking spaces. There would be .6 acres of "publicly accessible waterfront" and 130 of the units of housing would be affordable. The entire development would be raised up on a small hill to try to avoid flooding and, uh, all the other stuff that is in the Gowanus which is not strictly water. The first hearing before the City Planning Commission is on March 13. The Tolls want to finish their Gowanus project by 2011.
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