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Curbed PriceChopper: Major Bloodshed at Court Street Lofts

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[Original photo via Property Shark]

Then: $899,00
Now: $799,000
You Save!: $100,000

We thought we had exhausted all possibilities with our old friend 505 Court Street, aka the Court Street Lofts, after the epic Court Street Lofts Timeline of Despair. Alas, it came too early to capture some sizable price cuts that have hit 505. The 2BR Unit noted here, which got a $100K buzz cut a mere four days ago, is but one of seven units to recently get the Ye Olde PriceChopski. The unit has only been on the market 117 days, per Street Easy, whereas some of the others getting chop-chopped, have been sitting there a lot longer. One of them for 834 days. God, that's got to hurt.
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