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CurbedWire: Live in One Hanson's Clock, Shvo Dubai Rumor, Modern Strikes Again

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FORT GREENE?Anyone that's ever wanted to live in the clock tower at One Hanson (aka the Williamsburgh Saving Bank building) has their chance: "One Hanson introducing its nine luxurious 'Clocktower Residences.' These exclusive tower floor units are situated just below One Hanson’s gilded dome and one of the world’s largest four-sided clocks. The three-and four-bedroom single level homes and two duplex penthouses, range in price from $2.750 million to $5.875 million. One of the duplexes boasts magnificent arched terraces formerly used as the building’s Observation Deck." And, it's $20 million less than Palazzo Chupi! [CurbedWire Inbox]

DUBAI?Finally, we turn our eyes to Dubai. A crazy rumor to reach about Michael Shvo says: "Shvo (already reported to be working on some upcoming projects in Dubai) may open a full-fledged office in Dubai that will be bigger than the NYC one." [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN?A reader visits Extell's 212 E. 47 and says: "Just checked out some units in 212 East 47th. I was pretty surprised by how well they've re-done the inside of the units, they look just about as good as a new construction, but it's priced lower. Only downside here is the lack of a tax abatement, but comparable new constructions are more expensive. Also, they were a little vague in terms of when some of the unfinished units will be done and when the common amenities will be done, but all in all, pretty good pricing and very new looking." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?Didn't the Robert Scarano-designed Modern on N. 7 Street spend most of last year hobbled my a couple of different work orders and a (vehemently denied) story about drilling the L Train tunnel? Chalk up another Stop Work Order for the development, which just started work again a few week ago. This time the trouble is damaging an adjacent building and "causing water to enter" the building next door. [CurbedWire Inbox]