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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Arris Lofts Renter Wants to Clear Up a Few Things (164 Comments)
"The wood floors were glued to the concrete floors. This is proving to be inadequate as many people are experiencing boards that are popping up. The developer brought in an acoustical engineer to address sound transmission issues as many residents are complaing about this. Noise comes through the vents, drains, walls between units, etc."
2) Rumormongering: Clay Aiken Buying at Arris Lofts? (64 Comments)
"I am a Arris resident and recently saw Clay Aiken in front of Arris talking to one of the doormen and was pretty surprised. I didn't know he lived there."
3) Stroller Mafia Goes to the Mats at BellTel Lofts (52 Comments)
"Stroller mafia in Downtown Brooklyn? Who knew?"
4) The Most Hated Man in New York (47 Comments)
"This apartment should go to someone more deserving, not some twit who thinks he's the next Ernest Hemingway."