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Curbed Limited Edition PriceChopper: Fifth Street Lofts

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Then: $1,013,990
Now: $979,990
You Save!: $34,000

By all accounts, the Toll Brothers' Fifth Street Lofts development in Long Island City is selling well, which makes this e-mail blast from the 5SL gang even more curious: "The 'Deal of the Week' is unit 4K, which is normally $1,013,990. It has been lowered to $979,990 for one week only! The deal expires at COB on Monday 2.18.08." Trying to clear out leftover stock is one thing, but a one week only sale? Whatever dudes. So, for all those looking for luxury LIC living at a new cost of $800-per-square-foot, the chance you've been waiting for is here, but the clock is ticking!
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