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Palazzo Chupi Duplex Hits the Market, With Photos

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Artist Julian Schnabel has paraded all of his celebrity friends through the five-unit pink/not pink tower of insanity he built on West 11th Street, but so far only Richard Gere (and some boring banker dude) has taken the bait. Because the Palazzo is not nearly as Chupiriffic when not hovering at full capacity, the Schnabe is now courting the masses?well, the masses who have an extra $27 million lying around. Courtesy of an eagle-eyed tipster, the penthouse duplex that Bono passed on is now listed through the New York Times. Here it is, and note that the contact info is for Brian Kelly, a close associate of Schnabel's. And here is where your pulse starts racing, because even though Vanity Fair just recently finally cracked the level of secrecy surrounding the building's insides, the listing has interior photos galore. Can't. Breathe.

As for the numbers on the duplex, they're appropriately absurd. The three-bedroom apartment is 3,850 square feet, so the price comes to over $7,000/sf. The monthly maintenance is $7,367, but hey, somebody has to pay the pool boy. More details: "Beautiful views of the surrounding city, down to the harbor and across the Hudson River provide bright sunlit rooms. Handmade details include cast bronze door handles, stone fireplaces and cast stone railings. Grand rooms finished with beamed ceilings, terra cotta tile floors and plaster walls open onto colonnades, terraces & balconies. Amenities include concierge service, an indoor swimming pool with steam room, and private on-site parking." OK, we're done talking. Now you're in Julian's hands.
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Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014