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Stroller Mafia Goes to the Mats at BellTel Lofts

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Our old friend, the BellTel Lofts in Downtown Brooklyn have had some favorable reviews and some questions about windowless bedrooms, and have also had an issue in terms of what one could call sluggish sales. Now, thanks to a tipster, we know that some of the buyers are parents bearing strollers. Here comes the fun:

I am a buyer at Belltel Lofts in Downtown Brooklyn. Our building has a private Google blog forum that one of the owners in the building has created to share information with each other in order for us to stay informed and know what is going on in the building. The basic idea is a good idea but it has been hi-jacked by a bunch of stay at home moms with Entitlement Complex regarding the proposed common areas and amenities. There never was a plan by the sponsors to have a kids play room but the moms and pops think they own the entire building and trying to dictate and change the original offering plan to their whim and their rug rats! So, in essence a few of the loud mouth moms and dads at the expense of the other owners want to take space away from the game room (pool table), and tv room, gym room, and stretching area to make a "kids play room". The kids and their nannies and parents will hi-jack the rest of the space with all their noise and screaming. This building never was marketed as a family building but because a few NIMBY parents moved in, they are behaving like Park Slope's selfish neighbors. How have other condo owners dealt with selfish owners hi-jacking the amenities from other owners and changing the offering plan because they have way too much time on their hands since they're not working like I am?

Belltel Owner

p.s. There are a lot of issues with this condo. Everything from shoddy union construction work to constantly changing offering plan so that the present offering plan and the original offering plan have very drastic differences, to noise problems, water leaks, ceilings being shorter than advertised, elevators bank being removed and on and on. Yes, I spent a lot of money here and I really hate it.

Who knew BellTel Lofts would appeal to the Slope stroller set?
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