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Development Du Jour: 385 West 12th Street

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Location: 385 West 12th Street btwn Washington/West Streets
Size: Seven stories, 12 units
Prices: $5.795 million to $13.5 million
Architect: FLAnk
Developer: FLAnk
Sales & Marketing: Brown Harris Stevens
Lowdown: It's gotten to the point where any new FLAnk announcement should be heralded with trumpets and the release of doves, but this reveal is especially exciting. The slightly-controversial 12-unit building springing up in Superior Ink's backyard is an absolute blockbuster, with a façade of "modulating copper panels" that will slowly change to a pale blue-green over the years. Because the façade is tricky, FLAnk is working with the same design consultants they partnered up with on the totally crazy/awesome 441 East 57th Street. The building will have a two-tier rooftop space with a 50’ lap pool, hot tub/spa and outdoor shower up top (not to mention panoramic Hudson River views) and a dining area/entertaining space and "meditation deck" below. The units are broken up as "four town homes, six full floor flats and two duplex penthouses," and they range in size from 2,526 square feet to 4,382 square feet, with ceiling heights of 10' to 18'. All the bells and whistles?doorman, concierge, luxury finishes, crazy home automation systems?are also accounted for. Now, FLAnk is known to wine and dine its potential customers, and the strategy is working: seven units have already sold. FLAnk has done it again, folks.

385 West 12th Street

385 West 12th Street, New York, NY