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Stevedores Drive Stake Into Heart of Red Hook Port Plan

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The city's longstanding on-again-off-again plan to give the Red Hook Container Port the boot and redevelop the waterfront with housing, hotels, cafes and the like, is finished. The end did not come in one, big dramatic death blow. Instead, the plan was nibbled to death by ducks over a long period of time, with individual parts like the cruise port expansion being bitten off before the whole thing was devoured. Now, the Daily News reports an impending deal on a new ten-year lease for the port's operator, American Stevedoring. The deal "officially puts an end" to plans for upscaling the Red Hook waterfront in a non-industrial way. In the end, it turned out the stevedores definitely had more staying power than the latte drinkers, if not the hoped-for beer garden. 2018 is looking good for reviving the plans, however.
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