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Chelsea Modern Gets Ziggy With The Glass

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In an example of living up to the rendering, the new blue glass going up on the ziggety-zag facade of the Chelsea Modern looks as sharp as can be. Conceived by the gang from Audrey Matlock, this one cuts across the west side rooftops out on the far edge of West 18th Street. And when the clouds clear away the colors here melt right into the sky above.

Blue on blue on blue.

This corner of West Chelsea, MePa and the High Line is busy with all sorts of new construction. Just to the west of the Modern at 459 West 18th a "severe" new condo from architects Della Valle Bernheimer is rising. Somebody else is digging a big hole just around the corner. Across Tenth Avenue, a full undeveloped block with the High Line cutting right through the middle is just sitting there, waiting for some dashing developer with buckets of cash.

The Chelsea Modern and its new 12-story neighbor rising at 459 West 18th.
· Build Now [Audrey Matlock website]
· Four Five Nine West Eighteenth []
· Project: 459 W. 18th [Della Valle Bernheimer website]