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New Big Burg Waterfront Concert Space as Soon as 2009?

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The jostling to get a replacement space for big concerts that have been held at McCarren Pool, and possibly garner a few hipster votes in the process, has started. Daily Intel reports that a member of Community Board 1 who's also running to replace City Councilman David Yassky is interested in snagging some waterfront property. The city is trying to put together 28 acres for a waterfront park that would stretch from the existing East River State Park to north of the Bushwick Inlet, but there are a boatload of issues ranging from legal to environtmental. The the future of concerts has been a sore point with some supporters of the big pool remake. Thies sent a proposal to the Parks Department and says there is "a lot the city can easily acquire and clear in eighteen months," meaning concerts in the summer of 2009 before the municipal election.
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