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Curbed PriceChopper: Bloodbath at NOMA 175

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Inwood, you had a good run. First there was this thing, and everyone in the neighborhood was outed as being so damn happy. Then, with Inwood in the spotlight, the neighborhood got a hip rebranding with the debut of NOMA 175. Giddy over Inwoodmania, the Times even filed a report on NOMA 175, and how the condo building finally gave Inwood a "similarity to Manhattan." Backhanded compliment much? But maybe this Inwood thing isn't quite ready for prime time. Moments after the Times story, someone tried to scare off potential buyers with scary crime tales, and now, there are across the board price cuts on NOMA 175's six active listings. While some of the damage is minor?like $40,000 dropped from the big three-bedroom or $15,000 chopped from this bargain-basement one-bedroom?there is some gore to be had. Like $155,000 taken off the duplex, and $150,000 trimmed from this one-bedroom that was only $580,000 to begin with. The new price-per-square-foot average, per StreetEasy, is $623, meaning there's still a long way to go before NOMA is even on River Ridge's playing field. And that's a scary thought.
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