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Holy Flippin' A Building, Ratman!

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In truth, what started as a breaking news item regarding the listing of the first flip in the East Village's A Building (joining the first rental) has turned into much much more. Because, per a quick-with-the-camphone tipster?who also knows a thing or two about red arrows?here's proof that the first tenant has already moved in, and the odds are good that he got a pretty sweet deal. Hey, East Village luxury condos are few and far between, so can you blame the natives for wanting to get a closer look? Oh, and as for the flip, it's for a 1BR, 1.5BA duplex, 750 square feet priced at $925,000. It's unclear which unit this is, but so far it appears that the one-bedrooms have closed at prices ranging from $715,000 to $850,000. Our last look into the A Building caused a near riot over the interior finishes, so here's another peek, as well as a better shot of the glass thingy hanging in the lobby and one more of our furry little friend.
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