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Carroll Gardens & Gowanus Organizing to Fight Toll?

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There are some odd rumblings about coming out of Carroll Gardens and Gowanus where residents are still digesting the plans revealed last week for the Toll Brothers development on the shores of the Gowanus and talking about "a movement" to block the project. Together with the Public Place project that would add 1,000 or so apartments and condos to the neighborhood, the total of new units could be 1,700 or more. Another two projects including the Gowanus Village once planned by developer Shaya Boymelgreen on the eastern shore of the canal and two 10-12 story buildings that might be built on the site of an oil depot further north near the Union Street bridge, could add another 1,000-1,500 units. (That's assuming that serious toxic issues can be overcome.) One resident says "People are mighty pissed off. There is a movement afloat." The Toll Brothers are looking for special zoning for a "mixed use district" before the overall neighborhood rezoning. The plan for the project was revealed as part of that process.
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