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On the Market: UES Townhouse to Slay Caligula?

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The more expensive the townhouse, the longer and more boring the history behind it. That is certainly the case with the Henry T. Sloane Mansion, a 36-foot-wide monster on East 68th Street near Fifth Avenue that just hit the market and is named after some guy who went to Yale and Zzzzzzzz. We'll forgo the background story and get to the parts that matter: late last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the 18,500-square-foot townhouse was being listed for a staggering $64 million, through townhouse superbroker Paula Del Nunzio. A developer bought the house for just $7.6 million in 2003, back when it was still carved up into nine apartments. Last year, an investment group scooped it up for a hefty $39 million, which included the costs of relocating the remaining tenants. Now, those seven woodburning fireplaces are available to one well-heeled trophy hunter. The big question is whether this sale will top Bob Guccione's Roman pleasure palace as the most expensive townhouse ever. When the dust settles, there's no doubt that many a monocle will be shattered over the results.
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