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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Arris Gets a DJ

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1) With the Clay Aiken rumors still flying, the purchaser of the $2.995 million Arris Lofts apartment in Long Island City is revealed to be ... DJ Danny Tenaglia! Meh. That's somewhat less exciting, although we guess parties in the building now have default entertainment. [liQcity]

2) That Tony award for Frost/Nixon must have led to a windfall of cashola, because Frank Langella just traded up at 336 Central Park West. His new co-op cost him $2.1 million. [Big Time Listings]

3) Recent closings at the Upper East Village's A Building include a $1.35 million condo purchased by Heather Marks. The same Heather Marks as Canadian supermodel Heather Marks? Perhaps! That rooftop pool just got a lot more interesting.

4) Think you're a trailblazer for moving into a $3,700-per-month 1BR rental down in the FiDi? Wacky composer Philip Glass lived down by the Fulton Fish Market in the 60s, and he paid $30 a month for his apartment. But all of his friends paid $25, and thought he was a total sell out for paying so much. [Page Six]

Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101