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That's Rather Hideous: Imagination Needed on the LES

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There's no hiding the vomitociousness of this Lower East Side 1BR apartment on the corner of Rivington Street and Forsyth overlooking Sara D. Roosevelt Park. In fact, the listing basically comes out and says it: "This apartment needs an architect and a contractor; it has potential but only for visionaries!" Why visionaries? Because this weird 36 Rivington Street apartment is only 600 square feet, yet has a 960-square-foot terrace. What the heck do you do with that? We go back to the listing: "the way to best use the space is to make it a two bed, one bath, and make the living room Green! A Greenhouse of 600Sf or more can be added and function as a living space most of the year. The only limit is your imagination. But then you know, that if you are looking at this, you have imagination!" Correction: You have imagination and $935,000, though if it sells for that much it may be time to finally pack it in.
· Listing: 36 Rivington Street [Halstead]