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From Trash to Tower on the Outskirts of Hudson Yards

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Is Joseph Rose the new Rosie O'Donnell? And by that, we mean is the former director of the Department of City Planning about to become Donald Trump's #1 enemy? Trump, as well as an army of Hudson Square/West Soho locals and leaders, has been up in arms over the proposed massive garbage garage at Spring and Washington Streets. The negative impact on Trump Soho's views aside, the sanitation plan is also rumored to be affecting the condo values at the nearby Urban Glass House, thereby endangering its Urban Ass House classification. Which brings us back to Joseph Rose, and the little matter of a new 800-foot-tall hotel.

The Observer's Eliot Brown reports that Rose's company just filed an application to build a 66-story hotel at 260 Twelfth Avenue, one block south of the Hudson Yards and a stone's throw from Hudson River Park. This just happens to be the same plot of land originally targeted for the garbage garage, before the Hudson River Park Trust (on whose board Joseph Rose sits) and the city decided that maybe Spring Street was a better location. And let's not forget that then-Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff had a major say in this, when he also sat on the Hudson River Park Trust board with his homey Joe Rose. We would call this a slight conflict of interest if we weren't so into the idea of yet another gigantic tower being built in this area. Yardsmania!
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