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Bushwick Getting 'Architecturally Progressive Retail'

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[Photo courtesy of Property Shark]

Something like this was bound to happen in Bushwick soon and, now, it has. The graphic above is for a retail development called the Wyckoff Exchange that's billed as an "Architecturally Progressive Retail Conversion" for "A GROSSLY UNDER-SERVED COMMUNITY." A taste of some of the verbiage in the ad:

Bushwick/East Williamsburg is one of the great thriving cultural and social success stories of Brooklyn...This section of Wyckoff Ave is located at the literal heart of the hip East Williamsburg industrial conversion nexus, with thousands of loft apartments, loft studios, workshops and attractive multifamily rentals. The developers of this project are developing the property with sensitivity to the local style and ethos, utilizing chic post industrial design elements with a clean white box preparation for prospective tenants.Of course, "this is going to be a breakout location for the neighborhood and a magnet for future growth." The company behind this is also behind this in Gowanus.
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