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On the Market: Grillin' on Greenwich

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[Renderings: Ogawa/DePardon]

We don't care if it's negative ten-thousand degrees outside, there's nothing like a hot sexy Tribeca roof deck to fire up the senses. And while this penthouse loft, on Greenwich Street between Vestry and Laight, is currently in the midst of a massive renovation, Sotheby's broker Fred Williams sure knew how to draw interest: show off the happy ending. Architects Ogawa/DePardon have designed a staircase leading up from the 3,000-square-foot loft to a glass-enclosed bulkhead and the 2,000-square-foot private terrace. We could do without the dude and the dog, because they're definitely going to get in the way of the Slip-n-Slide we're going to set up by that grill. Oh, and the loft is kind of sweet, too. Listed at $5,450,000, but it's also "available unfinished, with approved plans and only the stair, stair bulkhead, and roof terrace completed" for $4.8.
· Listing: Tribeca Penthouse [Sotheby's]