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Why Do People Love to Hate On Park Slope So Much?

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Ah, the joys of an online discussion that provokes rants about Park Slope. There's a very hot back-and-forth going on right now prompted by a journalist's question on the Park Slope Forum about the whys of Park Slope hating. It started with this question, ostensibly asked for a future story for New York Magazine:

Why has Park Slope become shorthand for all that is evil and twee? Why is the hate so virulent -- WHERE (beyond anonymous blog posts) is it coming from? Envy? Rage against the suburbanization of all of NYC, with PS as ground zero? Simple cooler-than-thou-ness? Something else? There have been many, many responses, but here's one of the best Park Slope rants we've seen in ages:

Off the top of my head, people hate park slope because of stroller wielding nazi-moms that clip your ankles and baby talk their children about how rude you are to be in their way. People hate on park slope because they will go on for DAYS, nay, WEEKS about a boys hat. Well, how _do_ you know it is a BOY'S hat, you misogynist pig? People hate on park slope because they post stupid questions about why they should have to pay for their nanny's ticket to Europe, after all, she would never be able to go to Europe without them, shouldn't she be chipping in? People hate on park slope because the guys wear stupid pants. People hate on park slope because they go on for days about whether they should be allowed to bring their strollers into bars, nevermind the foregone conclusion of the children. People hate on park slope because there is a MINORITY there that seem to have lost touch with reality, and they do stupid things as a result. Think Tom Cruise. Everyone loves a car wreck.About the issue of whether to pay for one's nanny's ticket to Europe...
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