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Park Avenue Gets a Skinny Dose of Glass

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We don't blame the New York Condo Blog for nearly walking right by the construction site for the condo building planned at 1055 Park Avenue. How is there room at the southeast corner of 87th Street for a brand new building? Well, the initial rendering reveals all. The 19-foot-wide building is being built back-to-back with neighboring 1045 Park Avenue, and seemingly blocking its lot line windows in the process. An all-glass condo building in the land of the storied co-op? Bizarre. Just six units in the whole building? Double bizarre. CityRealty reports that 1055 Park, designed by architect H. Thomas O'Hara, received partial approval from the DOB in November. And while most of the building fronts 87th Street, the developers sure ain't dumb. That front door is going on Park Avenue, and those six customers are buying a piping hot Park Ave. address.
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1055 Park Avenue

1055 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128