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Burden Hopes 125th St. Rezoning Offers More Dining Choices

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Not much has been heard from Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden about the controversial rezoning of 125th Street--you know, the one that has been bitterly opposed by local community boards and community organizations. Some say the rezoning will speed gentrification. Others argue that it will allow developers to build buildings that are too tall. Well, Ms. Burden tells the New York Times that she's spent more time thinking about the 125th rezone than about any other project including Atlantic Yards and the huge Columbia University expansion. Of the current state of 125th Street, she says, "It’s not what it was." Ms. Burden says she just wants to restore the street to its former glory, but opponent say the rezone "would be signing Harlem’s death warrant." It's always interesting to know how ideas come about and, in this case, Burden said the notion of redeveloping 125th St. hit her after a Roberta Flack concert at the Apollo when she and a friend went downtown to eat. "There should be a million different eateries around there, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to frame and control growth on 125th Street," she says. The Planning Commission should vote in a few weeks.
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