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Has the Coney Aquarium Redo Been Killed by Sharks?

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One of the few bright spots in the mess of Coney Island issues and bitter fighting has been the proposed radical remake of the New York Aquarium. Some renderings of a winning proposal from Philadelphia-based Wallace, Roberts & Todd and Barcelona-based Cloud 9 were released almost a year ago, but nothing has been heard since. Now we know why. Sarah Ryley reports in a Brooklyn Daily Eagle story (reposted on the Coney Island Message Board) that there are money issues and that the cool looking remake, which featured illuminated mesh around new buildings, may not survive. A new shark exhibit that might cost $64 million will probably get priority, leaving the exterior renovation, which could be priced at more than $125 million, way short on money. A source says it could be "pared down to something more affordable." How about draping the buildings with blue LED Christmas lights from a 99 cent store?
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