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15 USW: Pricey, But Hey, There's Great Parking

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Depending on your take, 15 Union Square West is either a visually striking update to the 139-year-old former home of Tiffany & Co., or the architectural equivalent of kicking dirt on the grave of history. But no matter what side you fall on, 15 Union Square West has arrived, and it must be reckoned with. The Sun's dapper boy wonder Bradley Hope reports today that developer Brack Capital and Brown Harris Stevens' Shlomi Reuveni quietly began marketing the 36 apartments this week, and to build more anticipation for 15 USW's glass-wrapped iron arches, the façade will remain shrouded until it's completed later this year. Prices start at $4 million for two-bedroom units, and three-bedrooms start at $6 million. According to Reuveni, there has been "strong interest from foreign buyers and those wishing to own larger spaces," and combo jobs may be in the offing. And here's an interesting little perk: the building will have valet parking, thanks to a partnership with a nearby garage. What better way for foreign buyers to enjoy that Union Square vibe without, you know, having to actually deal with it?
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