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CurbedWire: No Gas Fumes for High Line, 61 Fifth Going Condo

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MePa?An email with the subject line "Another Gas Station Bites the Dust" directed our attention to a listing for the Mobil gas station in MePa at the corner of 14th and 10th Avenue. Per the email: "I was wondering how the gas fumes were going to effect the soon-to-be-Highline oasis above it. Solution: get rid of the gas station!" And in a very distinctive way, if we do say so. [CurbedWire]

VILLAGE?As a follow up today's post about the past and future of 61 Fifth Avenue on Jeremiah's Vanishing New York, which has been empty since a fire nearly two years ago, a Curbed correspondent reports the property is under contract to a developer who will close on the property in early March and that, according to a source, "the developer has not discussed plans for the property but I would think condos would make the most sense." [CurbedWire Staff]