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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Pam Hits the Panic Button (163 Comments)
"the weeping willow is the last to lose its leaves in the fall and first to sprout leaves in the spring...the nyc market will be the last to feel the effects of the mortgage/economic crisis and the first to recover..."
2) Why Do People Love to Hate on Park Slope So Much? (93 Comments)
"Personally, I'd love for this hating of Park Slope to continue. Perhaps it would cause a drop in housing prices to the point where I could afford to buy a home there."
3) On the Market: 80 Metropolitan Townhouses (50 Comments)
"They look like frat houses, not townhouses...I call next on the beer pong game in the basement."
4) Burden Hopes 125th St. Rezoning Offers More Dining Choices (33 Comments)
"Many locals whose voices are not heard by the City Planning Commission want this rezoning to go through and want to see more restaurants on 125th street."

80 Metropolitan Avenue

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