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Funky Friday Listing: The Townhouse Nobody Wants

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Single-family townhouses with 100 feet of Park Avenue frontage are few and far between, so the 25-room red brick mansion at 603 Park Ave. feels like a bargain. Sure, it's listed at $35 million, but with $50 million townhouses flying off the shelves like Cabbage Patch Kids (those are still popular, right?), we would've guessed that this home would at least be up in that category. So what's wrong? Well, 603 Park Avenue has bounced around the brokerages for years, with asking prices fluctuating between $30-$35 million. The latest brokerage to give it a shot, luxury specialists Gumley Haft Kleier, has had the listing for a week. The City Review offers some input into why this is such a tough sell: "The building has a central skylit staircase but it is only 20 feet deep and its interiors while handsome are not spectacular." But surely some heir out there recognizes the potential?
· Listing: 603 Park Avenue [GHK]

603 Park Avenue

603 Park Avenue, New York, NY