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More St. Vincent's Arm Wrestling Coming

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Look for more wrangling about the controversial St. Vincent's expansion plan for the West Village. The hospital is apparently drafting a response to an "alternative plan" proposed by a neighborhood coalition and has told the Villager, in effect, that they can't do it. The St. Vincent's Lite option would include a hospital 190 feet tall versus the proposed 329 feet and construction of a second hospital building that would be 14 stories tall across Seventh Avenue. There's a community meeting on Monday to talk about it all again, but St. Vincent's has told the Villager that it can't do St. V's Lite because it would require a tunnel under Seventh Avenue and that it's an "insurmountable obstacle" and, besides, the state won't let them do that. St. Vincent's Original includes 450 units of "high-end housing," 19 mid-block townhouses, 15,000 square feet of street-level retail and 365 hospital beds in an elliptical tower.
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