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Curbed Inside (Out): The Woolworth Building

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. Got an idea for us? Drop a line.

Back in the hazy days of July 2007, we toured the upper floors of the Woolworth Building, architect Cass Gilbert's downtown masterpiece that's graced the skyline since 1913. At the time, we promised pictures from two excursions outside the building—one, a trip to the 63rd floor observation deck in the crown of the building, closed to the public since the dawn of World War II; the second, a look at the broad, terra-cotta clad balcony on the 43rd floor. Both were, in their own way, astounding. We decided to wait to publish these pictures until our photogallery tool was ready to roll—and now that it is, what better day than a snowy, cold February Friday to journey 792 feet in the sky?
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