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Curbed Not So Limited Edition PriceChopper: Fifth Street Lofts

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This cheesy graphic looks familiar, no? That's because it was this time last week when we were sitting around discussing the limited edition PriceChop at the Toll Brothers' Fifth Street Lofts building in Long Island City. For one week only, a two-bedroom unit was trimmed $34,000, down to $979,990. Well, that deal may have expired on Monday, but that wasn't the end of the savings. Fifteen of 5SL's 22 active listings were chopped this week, by a variety of amounts ranging from $32,000 to $86,000. The gory details are up on StreetEasy for perusal. Curiously, that 2BR from last week did indeed have its price raised back to the original ask of $1,013,990. Oh Toll Brothers, why must you mess with our minds?!
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