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Whacky Xanadu Will Now Have 'Pepsi Globe'

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That humongous Ferris wheel in the Jersey Meadowlands at the Xanadu development is going to be the "Pepsi Globe." The 10-year naming rights deal went for a reported $100 million and the big wheel's being promoted as "an instant landmark." The announcement says that "Pepsi will offer unique interactive experiences during the Pepsi Globe ride" and that the ride will last 25 minutes and "offer sweeping vistas of the New York skyline and the Hudson River." Each of the 26 glass-enclosed capsules will hold 20 people. We're not sure what an interactive Pepsi experience is, other than soda machines and ads, but we'll guess that the few residents that live in the area and were already pissed about the big wheel are going to be less happy now looking at one of the world's biggest Pepsi signs. All we can say is, another lost opportunity, Mr. Jobs. The iGlobe would have rocked.
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