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Rendering / Reality: 785 Eighth Avenue

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Another case of "WTF?" is on view at 785 Eighth Avenue, where they've started slapping a curtain wall on top of that tower of concrete. The rendering is from glass-loving Ismael Leyva, he who begat the green glass box of Yves down in Chelsea. And the difference between rendering and reality is, ummm, dazzling?

Did we mention the oddly-contrasting casement windows?

Drawings of 785 showed a sleek wall of smokin' watery blue glass. But what is going up on this weird little plot at the edge of crazy Times Square is more akin to a stack of fun house mirrors rising a mile into the sky. The glass here ripples and weaves, distorting everything in sight. This stuff makes some questionable glass that rose on the Upper West Side a while back look positively buttoned-down by comparison.

Even the crew looks concerned.
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785 Eighth Avenue

785 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10036