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CurbedWire: Corcoran on Bedford, Public Place Details Coming

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WILLIAMSBURG?Corcoran's Bedford Avenue office opened last week, and it's not like most of the firm's other offices at least from the outside. Yesterday, there was a small indie film shooting around the corner, complete with actors lounging and food on a table, with one actress practicing a delivery of a line about "the new Brooklyn." Okay. Also, they've left the art on the wall between Corcoran and the bagel shop. [CurbedWire Staff]

CARROLL GARDENS?There may be some new details about the big Public Place development along the Gowanus Canal tonight. The list of developers have been whittled down to two: the Related Companies and The Hudson Companies. Some info about their plans--and maybe even what the timetable is for cleaning up the site with a soup of underground toxins--for up to 1,000 units of housing, plus retail and public space, are expected at a community meeting. [CurbedWire Staff]