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Mrs. Diva Will Park Wherever She Damn Well Pleases

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Paging the New York Post! Parking abusers in Forest Hills don't normally interest us, but this is just too perfect. A tipster writes:

Here's a car parked on 70th Road and 108th Street in Forest Hills - a "NO PARKING ANYTIME" zone. The license plate says DIVA2YOU. The parking pass is issued by the NYPD, and made out to both MRSDIVA and DIVA2YOU. Not only does this diva have two cars with similar vanity plates, but the photocopied parking perk expired on December 31, 2007. Today is February 25, 2008. Not only are photocopied parking passes bogus, but so is the right ot have a single pass for both cars at once.Only in Queens, folks.
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