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No. 22 Renwick Shows Us What's on the Inside

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Former Development Du Jour No. 22 Renwick is the latest mindgrape to be plucked from the heads of PJAR, and the 12-story building will sit in the middle of the slightly depressing one-block artery that connects Tribeca with Hudson Square. Perhaps because of the lackluster surroundings, the No. 22 Renwick website has always been a little over the top. ("When we needed a respite from the clutter and the clatter we headed home. It wasn't surrender, but an escape to more rarefied quarters.") Now, finally, there are pictures to match the prose. A new crop of interior renderings have been published on the site to go with the previous peeks at the building and terraces. Snazztastic! According to Corcoran, eight of the 19 units are in contract, or as the building's website might read, "They were sales of largesse, yes, but also of kinship. More than contracts between parties, but contracts between souls."
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No. 22 Renwick

22 Renwick Street, New York, NY