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Revealed: Harlem Has Georgia On Its Mind

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Frederick Douglass may have been an abolitionist, but the boulevard named after him in Harlem is heading down to the South for some inspiration. At 2110 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, on the corner of 114th Street, a 38-unit "luxury apartment" building called the Savannah is scheduled for completion in 2009. A Curbed tipster told us that the above rendering appears on some signage at the corner, which is "right smack up against the Randolph Houses and across from the Gateway and Society café." The Savannah appears in the "our properties" section of the BRP Development website. This stretch of road is sure getting crazy, with the aforementioned Gateway and the recently revealed Livmor Condos right there, and the Delany Lofts and the rumored W Hotel nearby, among others. Harlem: Who knew?
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Livmor Condos

301 West 115th Street, New York, NY