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Would a Willets Point Javits Center Include a Chop Shop?

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Given the turmoil on the Far West Side about the property that was supposed to be used for the expansion of the Javits Center, it's no surprise that it's revived interest in moving the center a bit to the east. Well, a lot to the east. Like to Willets Point next to Citi Field. Followers of big New York City projects will no doubt note that the big plan for the 61 acre Willets Point site, which is renowned for its Tijuana-like atmosphere and car-related businesses, is also the subject of serious ongoing turmoil. In any case, the Willets Point strategy includes a convention facility of 400,000 square feet. Hence the natural interest in making it a possible Javits East. The other possible location is the Sunnyside Yards site near Long Island City, but like all good huge NYC development sites it would require an expensive deck over rail yards. Maybe they could call it the ChopShop Center?
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