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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: When Harry Met Michelle

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1) Boy wizard (man wizard?) Daniel Radcliffe created quite the stir when he scooped up an apartment in Jean Nouvel's 40 Mercer in Soho for $4.3 million, even though his people said he never planned on living there. But now that Harry Potter has bought a 2,450-square-foot 3BR home at 1 Morton Square?home to the Olsen twins, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler and others?will the superfans start sleeping on the sidewalks of the West Village to get a glimpse? Above, a photo gallery from the since-removed $4.9 million Stribling listing. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) Heiresses and models usually wind up in hipper locales than 57th Street, but in the case of Lydia Hearst, she's sticking close to the family business. The 23-year-old bought a $1.49 million condo on a high floor at Sheffield57, right next door to Sir Norman Foster's Hearst headquarters/DNA strain. Hopefully she's not a light sleeper. [The Real Estate/Max Abelson]

1 Morton Square

1 Morton Square, New York, NY 10014