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CurbedWire: Doctors Follow the PATH, Dire Dwyer

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JERSEY CITY?St. Vincent's may have a super-controversial plan on the table to build new luxury housing in Greenwich Village, but in the meantime, the hospital is sending some staff to shack up in New Jersey. Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers?an umbrella organization of several healthcare facilities?signed a 15-year lease with SK Properties for 65 apartments in Grove Pointe, a 30-story luxury rental complex in Jersey City. The total cost is $34 million. Hospital personnel living together in a luxury apartment building? Somebody get ABC on the line! [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?The trouble at the Dwyer on 123rd Street and St. Nicholas Avenue continues. Writes a buyer, "In January 2006 we put a deposit down on a condo at the to-be-built Dwyer. The prospectus gave a move-in date of January, 2007. We didn't believe the 1/07 move-in date and guessed it would more likely be 7/07. Here it is almost March 08 and the developer still cannot or will not affirm a solid move-in date, after several vaguely promised (and missed) deadlines. Several of my fellow would-be neighbors (and the development sold out almost immediately, without any sales promotions, all word of mouth as far as I can tell) are getting screwed because they've locked in mortgages, have moving dates from their current apartments, etc. [CurbedWire Inbox]