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Construction Watch: Metal Houses, Hold the Shutter

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[Photo: Will Femia]

We imagine that anyone walking by the corner of Tenth Avenue and 24th Street probably does a double-take when looking up at the posted rendering of what's rising in the space, but it's the truth. Next to that gas station, a perforated steel skin shall rise. And under that skin, 24 lucky buyers will gaze down upon the High Line and cackle maniacally. Or maybe they'll throw water balloons. They can do whatever they want, because there are no rules in the West Chelsea Starchitecture District. According to StreetEasy, 10 units at Della Valle Bernheimer's 245 Tenth are currently in contract, and there are six active listings. Don't forget about the great Alf views, as well.
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245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001