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Curbed PriceChopper: 8 Union Square Goes South

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Then: $8,000,000
Now: $6,950,000
You Save!: $1,050,000

Spotted in the wild: the rare million-dollar pricechop. For a while, 8 Union Square South had a good thing going?the only new-construction luxury condo building on Union Square. But now, 15 Union Square West is the new show in town, and 8USS's faults can no longer be hidden from doe-eyed luxury buyers. It's a glorified sliver building, and the corner of 14th Street and University Place is an absolute shitshow. Plus, 8USS's concierge service is trumped by 15USW's concierge service with a splash of valet parking. And so, Penthouse 2, meet the Chopper. You may become good friends over time.
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Union Square

, Manhattan, NY 10003