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On the Racked: Dylan's Gets Colorful, Lingerie Yielding to iPhones, Barney's Frenzy, More

And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Upper East Side: Racked is keeping an eye on Dylan's Candy Bar as it expands, improves and otherwise attempts to get more sugar into our hands. Today's Photo Gallery is very, very colorful.

2) Upper West Side: The demise of Victoria's Secret at 67th and Broadway "means only one thing—we are a teeny, tiny bit closer to the opening of another Apple Store. Yes, soon every stroller-pushing, brownstone-residing resident north of the Park will have easy access to Genius Bar services." Rumors of an iThong are unfounded.

3) Chelsea: You didn't think the Barney's Warehouse Sale was over, did you? Here is very visual proof that it most certainly has gone on for nearly two weeks and that the frenzy did not diminish over time.

4) East Harlem & Williamsburg: Mo' banks are coming, to The Bridges at Third Avenue and 124th Street and to Bedford Avenue.