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Former Boymelgreen Gowanus Village Site is on the Market

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It's been a big couple of weeks in Gowanus news with Toll Brothers renderings and Public Place plans. There's more: remember the big Gowanus Village site that developer Shaya Boymelgreen was going to develop with luxe waterfront condos and an Enrique Norten design? It's on the market for $27 million and Boymelgreen no longer has anything to do with it. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports that Boymelgreen "split" with partners Africa Israel Investments and Isaac Katan of The Katan Group "some months ago." The property is on the Massey Knakal site as "Gowanus Village for Sale." It weighs in at 3.998 acres and offers 470 feet of beautiful Gowanus Canal frontage, right across the water from the Toll Brothers site. Alas, the Enrique Norten dream for the Gowanus is dead too.
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