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Rumblings & Bumblings: Stalled in the Slope, The Number 23, Parking in Hell, More!

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After a brief hiatus, Rumblings & Bumblings are back! If you've got an answer to one of the reader queries below, leave a note in the comments. If you've got another question, drop a line to Bonus points for digital photos. Answers from readers like you on Thursday.

1) Park Slope: We don't believe in signs, but the one above doesn't look like a good one. A rumbler writes: "Anyone have any idea what's up with 134-136 St. Marks Place in Brooklyn? I walked by there today and it looks like it's just about done but as you can see from the attached photos, someone wrote a message on a piece of drywall and placed in the window that put the completion of this project in doubt."

2) Gramurray: The corner of 23rd Street and Second Avenue has long been a curiosity, and the property was sold fairly recently. We still have no clue what's going on, even as demolition is underway. A tipster snapped the shot at right and says: "I have no idea what is going on here but I do know the site was a questionable buy as it has an easement by the MTA for the 2nd Ave subway. It will hopefully come out better than the Philippe Starck building on the same block." So who's got the scoop?

3) Hell's Kitchen: "I live near a parking garage located at 332 West 44th Street (it's neighbors are all residential). We noticed that the double-car parking structures on the roof of the garage had been removed. This led us to believe that there might be something going on with the building, especially in light of the demolition of the garage on the corner of 44th and 8th and the unfortunate destruction of Playland. I've called the management company and they would not tell me anything about the plans of this property other than it's Manhattan and that something 'could be possible'. I also checked on the NYC building permits site and have placed a few calls to them with no luck." It seems like every parking lot and garage is a target for development nowadays, so we'll just assume this is going to be a 60-story Costas Kondylis building or something. Perhaps you have better intel?

4) Greenwich Village: One more, regarding an old favorite: "does anyone know what is going on with 147 Waverly? Rumor has it that they have been waiting for a boiler inspection for 2 months and still haven't had it. This could be the longest conversion ever."