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Extell Breaks the Will of the Diamond District

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The name "diamond" derives from the ancient Greek word meaning "invincible" (thanks, Wikipedia!), but the guys in charge of the precious stones have folded quicker than an Atlantic City tourist. The protests against Extell's new 40-story tower planned for the Diamond District have all but subsided, the Post's Steve Cuozzo reports, because the local landlords?who are worried about getting driven out of business by the new Skidmore, Owings & Merrill-designed office building?figured the project is "inevitable." Diamond dudes, do we need to remind you that there's still a legal challenge to the Trump Soho (hearing set for tomorrow, btw) and the thing is already 40+ stories out of the ground? Inevitability means nothing when it comes to real estate development in New York. Cuozzo also reports that foundation plans have been filed with the Buildings Department, and the scheme is still in place to have the diamond tenants enter the building through 44 West 47th Street, with the other commercial tenants getting their own lobby on 46th Street. Lehman Brothers are rumored to be taking some space, but Extell's Gary Barnett refused to confirm or deny.
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