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Son of THOR Does the Fretted Glass Thing

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115-119 Norfolk Street?the 24-unit Lower East Side condo building designed by Hotel on Rivington architects Grzywinski Pons that was abandoned, sold and reborn?is back on track. And now we understand why one rumored name for the building is "Norfolk Atrium." CityRealty fills in the details:

115 Norfolk Street will be distinguished by an open-top atrium entrance and by its random design of fretted glass windows. The atrium is slightly off-center to the south of the building's frontage on Norfolk Street. The atrium will be enclosed in glass on Norfolk Street but its west wall is angled upwards and towards the west and rises a bit above the roofline. The atrium's top is open to the sky and the angled west wall is somewhat reminiscent of the Austrian Cultural Institute at 11 East 52nd Street designed by Raimund Abraham and opened in 2000.

Apartments that overlook the atrium will have the same fretted glass windows as the Norfolk Street facade. Mr. Grzywinksi told when plans were first disclosed for the project that these windows will have random "cloud" shapes in angled fretted designs. This decorative touch is somewhat reminiscent of Lindy Roy's sinuously-shaped balcony "amoeba-shaped" scrims for a new project now under construction at 519 West 23rd Street known as Highline 519.

Hot, as are the private backyards that the ground-floor apartments will have. Finally, a LES yard to rival 154 Attorney's? We'll bring the burgers!
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115 Norfolk Street

115 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002