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More Glass for Soho: Grand Street Hotel First Look!

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Here's the first look at the Grand Street Hotel, the new 14-story edifice set to grace the Soho/Hudson Square DMZ, as uncovered on the website of developers Brack Capital by noted hospitality blogger Down By the Hipster. Fun facts to get you back up to speed on this project: (a) yes, this is the former site of the Moondance Diner; (b) there are rumors of "a monster amount of LED lights" gracing the facade—not to mention and a glass elevator; (c) Steve Cuozzo has suggested the place might actually be called 27 Grand Street; (d) architects were said to be Perkins Eastman, but there's no sign of this project on their website—though that website does reveal a little something called 835 Sixth Avenue that we'll return to shortly.
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